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Clean Energy and a Healthy Ocean: Navigating the Future

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As the premier ocean-focused conference held annually in Washington, D.C., Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW) brings together Members of Congress and Congressional staff; federal, state and local government institutions; and experts from industry, academia, and the nonprofit community in an effort to shape marine policy discussions and incite lively conversation about current ocean and coastal issues. Held in conjunction with World Oceans Day and anchored by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s annual Leadership Awards Dinner, CHOW provides ocean policy professionals with unique opportunities to advance marine policy goals and interact with peers in the nation’s capital.

CHOW 2010 will focus on the intersection between ocean and energy issues, including the ocean’s diverse abilities to supply energy through current and emerging technologies and the myriad ways in which energy production and consumption affect the ocean. The United States has special rights to explore and utilize marine resources across the nearly 4.5 million square miles of our Exclusive Economic Zone in the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Gulf of Mexico, and comprehensive planning efforts to manage the efficient use of these resources and prevent conflicts among user groups have only just begun. As this Administration begins to implement a new National Ocean Policy and framework for marine spatial planning, our access to clean, domestic, marine energy sources has the potential to simultaneously address concerns relating to our energy independence and national security, and the already-visible impacts of climate change on our coastal and ocean communities and resources.

Throughout the week, panelists will examine the many ways in which ocean energy choices can help shape a secure future for both coastal communities and marine resources. Experts will provide accessible summaries of the wide variety of national security, socioeconomic, and ecological impacts associated with our current energy mix and explore those impacts’ implications for our society both today and in the future.

By profiling traditional and emerging ocean energy sources, and the technologies being deployed to utilize them, panels will explore alternative energy choices with the potential to minimize and mitigate a range of adverse impacts. Additionally, speakers will consider the policy, legal, regulatory, financial, and infrastructure challenges in developing clean ocean energy sources and suggest potential solutions that can help secure a healthy ocean and clean energy future.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear diverse perspectives from a range of government, academic, industry, and non-governmental experts on each topic.

For more information on registering for the symposium, please contact Sarah van Schagen by phone (301) 608-3040 ext 5 or email.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact Joy Williams by phone (202) 441-7550 or email.

For more information on the Leadership Awards Dinner, please contact Allison Alexander by phone (301) 608-3040 ext 3 or email.

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