Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center Capital Campaign Leadership Committee

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Capital Campaign Leadership Committee is a group of influential individuals, prominent public figures, and community leaders who aid the Steering Committee to obtain private funding for the Sanctuary Exploration Center project in Santa Cruz, CA.

Members of the Leadership Committee (as of 9/1/10):

Herb Aarons, Ex-President - California Coastal Rural Development Corporation
David Armanascao, President - Armanasco Public Relations
Ted J. Balestreri, CEO - Cannery Row Company
Charles Canfield, CEO - Santa Cruz Seaside Company
Ceil Cirillo, Director (retired) – City of Santa Cruz Re-Development
Ryan Coonerty, Vice Mayor and Santa Cruz City Council Member
Lou Douros, Acclaimed Film Director - Akua Films
Deborah Goldstein, Executive Director - Enlightened Philanthropy
Dan Haifley, Executive Director - O'Neill Sea Odyssey
Krista Hammond, President - Santa Cruz Sea Glass
Tom Honig, CEO - Honig & Associates
Jennifer Karno, City of Santa Cruz ED/RD Agency
Fred Keeley, Treasurer/Tax Collector - Santa Cruz County
Frans Lanting, National Geographic Wildlife Photographer - The Frans Lanting Studio
Bonnie Lipscomb, Executive Director - City of Santa Cruz ED/RD Agency
Cynthia Mathews, Ex-Mayor and Santa Cruz City Council Member
Bruce McPherson, Ex-California State Legislator
Harriet Mitteldorf, President – Vital Spark Foundation
Jeremy Neuner, CEO - NextSpace
Tom North, President - Vistage International Inc.
Jim Petersen, Director - Adobe
Steve Reed, Education Advocate (retired)
Kevin Shelley, Ex-California State Legislator
Ron Slack, Publisher - Good Times
Bob Talbot, Acclaimed Film Producer - Talbot Productions
Michael Watkins, Superintendent of Schools - Santa Cruz
Jim Weisenstein, CEO – Graystone Consulting

The success of the Capital Campaign Leadership Committee will be judged solely on achieving the campaign goal of $3 million over the next 18 months. These monies will be used for the design, development and construction of the exhibits at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center to be located in Santa Cruz, CA.

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