Photo Credits

Ryan Anderson

Michael Carver
Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Brad Damitz
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Kathy deWet-Oleson

© Kip Evans
Mountain & Sea Gallery

James F. Gibson, Courtesy of the U.S. Library of Congress

Bill Harrigan
Ocean Life Enterprises, Inc.

Don Kreuter

The Monitor Collection, NOAA

Greg McFall
Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary

Matthew Meier Photography

Chris Menjou

Flip Nicklin/Minden Pictures
NOAA Fisheries Permit #987

Jooke Robbins
NOAA Fisheries Permit #782-1438

Robert Schmieder
Cordell Expeditions

Robert V. Schwemmer
NOAA, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Nancy Sefton
Earthwise Media

Bob Talbot

© James Watt

Michael W. White
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Mary K. Wicksten
Texas A&M University

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